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Terry Burgan is considered a pioneer in the education of keynote speaker's sales and marketing campaigns!
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A comprehensive program that will give you the information you need to develop a successful keynote speaking business
Why should you invest in this program?
If you are looking for the A to Z manual on ‘how to build a successful keynote speaking business’, you have come to the right pace.

Here’s the story…..

Each lesson you will receive in the 'Get More Speaker Bookings' program, has been duplicated directly from the successful Why Don’t You Go And Get Booked course, a $3500 course that included a closed weekly video podcast and gave keynote speakers of all levels,  instructions on how to run their business effectively. 

The same lessons are now available to you at a heavily reduced price

Sales & Marketing is the key focus of this program, however the course goes much deeper in many areas, exploring topics such etiquette, bureaus, habits and other key indicators relevant to the execution of a successful keynote speaking business.

So, where did the content of the course originate from and what makes Terry Burgan’s management company and his program Get More Speaker Bookings so unique and worthy of your investment in time and money?

For the past 8 years Terry Burgan and his wife Michelle, have been managing the keynote speaking business of one of the worlds most successful keynote speakers, Matthew Pollard. He is based in the USA and is highly sought after and is highly regarded in the sales and marketing space worldwide. They have also managed and worked with hundreds of keynote speakers from around the world, in over thirty different countries, managing  just about every type of booking you could imagine. 

The content from the experiences of a 20 year tenure working with professional keynote speakers, coaches and trainers is what is encapsulated in Get More Speaker Bookings. It is raw, to the point and holds nothing back, giving you all the facts, all the short cuts and the hacks of how to actually execute a successful keynote peaking business.

If you follow the instructions from the 26 video lessons plus bonus material, you will get results. 

The program and the lessons are like a good reference book, you can choose which ever lesson you feel you need help with at the time, you choose where to start. 

Get More Speaker Bookings For is for all levels of keynote speakers, even some of the top keynote speakers struggle with their sales and marketing, a common response from professional is speakers “Ohh, I must get to my sales and marketing, I’m just busy”. If this sounds like you, please opt in now :)

To those of you are just starting their journey, congratulations, after you complete this course, you will know more about the sales and marketing of keynote speakers than 90 % of people in the events industry, period! 

Once you get the basics down, your career will start moving in the right direction.

We look forward to your company and wish you every success on your journey as a presenter. 
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Matthew Pollard International Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Build your keynote speaking platform......

Having worked with hundreds of keynote speakers from across the world, Terry Burgan – Marketing Director of Why Don’t You Go And Get Booked!, discovered the success of a keynote speaker was predominantly governed by their sales and marketing efforts and their business setup.

While keynote speaking schools for stagecraft and presentation skills are commonplace, there has never been a program which outlines proven strategies for the business of keynote speaking.

More and more individuals are throwing their respective hats into the ring, without any grounding in the basics of creating a profitable and sustainable keynote speaking business.

Statistically, the majority are likely to fail, largely because they do not understand how to build their l platform. “The platform comes first, it is the most crucial aspect of any keynote speakers success.” – Terry Burgan

Without a solid platform to build your speaking career on, you will not get the traction that you need to continue your journey; it is highly likely that you will give up under the pressure of a failing business.

This program is all about building that platform! To ensure that you can take advantage of being an expert in your field of expertise and to allow you to monetise your personal IP with the platform that you build.
  • Bureaus - Don’t reach out to speaker bureaus, let them come to you!
  • Fees - Is fee integrity a thing of the past? How to discuss fees without losing the deal!
  • Data - What is validated data and why is it the lifeblood of your speaking business? How it will drive your business now and in the future!
  • LinkedIn Outreach! How, why and who you should reach out to. Harness the most powerful tool available! Proven strategies to elicit bookings from your outreach efforts
What Keynote Speakers are Saying...

"I can’t recommend Terry’s program enough"

“It is a great resource for asking the questions related to the business of speaking and getting booked. You need to be a part of it, if you want to be serious about the speaking industry”
Matthew Pollard CSP
CEO & Professional Speaker, Rapid Growth LLC

"Refine our Positioning"

Just to say both David and I are really appreciating the sessions and the information that you are giving each week. This has led me to re-visit, research further and refine the positioning for Expert Intuition and to review target markets and branding. We are working on it and it is coming together well
Jane Mara
Author/Keynote Speaker/Management Consultant/Trainer/Facilitator, Expert Intuition

"The Missing Piece"

You dropped some pure gold here my friend 🙂 the things you say here has been the missing piece for me. – 
Julie Watson
Facilitator-Coach-Trainer-Speaker CX | Communication | Personal Effectiveness | Leadership | Sales, Julie Watson

"A good solid business in speaking"

“I was frustrated and spent so much money on learning how to speak but it didn’t give me business, I started working with Terry’s organisation a couple of years ago and I’m now starting to build a good solid business in speaking”
Dr Rosemary McCallum
Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant, Dr Rosemary McCallum

"Thanks a lot for this Terry. "

I have started a new Blog, and have plenty of new ideas for more, as a direct result of some of my research after watching this video!!! 
David Lindsay
Keynote Speaker, David Lindsay Integrated Health and Vitality

"Wonderful content"

Your knowledge never fails to amaze me Terry Burgan. I love your speakers course and am excited for what’s to come. 👌
Elaine Davies
Buyer's Agent, Author Strategic property buyer, coach and mindset expert, Elaine Davies

Some of the Lessons you will Learn

  • Why you should Diversify with an Online Program
  • ​Building An Online Program
  • ​Setting your Fees
  • ​Confirm The Engagement With An Agreement
  • ​Return on Investment
  • ​Phone Calls to a Client Best Practices
  • ​Reaching out to a LinkedIN Connection
  • ​​Targeting Your Market
  • ​Become A Speaker Bureau Valued Client
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From the Pen of: Terry Burgan

One of my mentors, Lawrie Montague, once confined in me that if I was to totally focus my attention on one discipline or subject, within 3 years I could become an authority in that field and get paid for my knowledge. I believed him and began my journey into the vents industry, working with keynote speakers. 

Lawrie was right and my story is as good as an example of that hypothesis being accurate than anyone you will find. I now pass that baton over to you, as you start your journey into the sales and marketing process of successful keynote speaker.

And remember, “You can’t control the results, however, you can control the activity that you do on a consistent basis!”
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About Terry Burgan

Terry Burgan is considered a pioneer in keynote speaker sales and marketing!

He has spent over a decade dedicating himself to discovering practical and efficient methods of assisting keynote speakers at all levels, to win more business and to better market the services that they offer.

Before Terry became involved with keynote speakers, he had been working in the sales and marketing area with a number of different businesses. It was perfect fit and after a brief time with a prominent Sydney speaker bureau, SpeakMark was born!

Not content with the inbound sales paradigm of keynote speakers relying on a number of website listings with various speaker bureaus, often competing against thousands of other options, Terry set out to create outbound models, proactively in pursuit of bookings for speakers, by using sales and marketing as the tool of choice.

Terry quickly worked out that SpeakMark were one of a very small number of marketing companies worldwide, who’s total focus was keynote speaker sales and marketing!

He is currently working with international speakers such as Matthew Pollard and Wayne (Junior) Pearce, who he personally manages with his wife and business partner Michelle Burgan. Living in Sydney Australia, Terry looks forward to woking with keynote speakers all over the planet to give individuals the best possible chance at succeeding in the keynote speaking industry.

Terry's Past Experience
Worked at a major speaker bureau
Owned and managed a speaker bureau
Managed speakers and celebrities
Run and managed speaker phone and digital campaigns
Marketed speakers, trainers & facilitators
Brokered advertising deals and ambassador engagements
Negotiated, booked and hosted high profile National and International speakers and celebrities such as Ben Elton, Randy Zuckerberg & Jens Voigt.

Plus Bonus Templates & Resources

  • Brief Sheet Template: the details you should always ask from your clients and speaker bureaus
  • Speaker Contract Template: A standard professional speakers contract, all you need to do is adjust to suit your details.  This template also includes Terms & Conditions to add to your own contract.
  • Producing Video Content

A Great Result

 Good afternoon guys. I would like to share a little (Big for me) win that I have had using some of the tools we have been learning in order to get Speaking gigs.

I have lined up quite a well paying speaking gig on Friday 29th of November after just going out and talking about what I can offer. It was simply the numbers game and I ended speaking to a guy that I didn’t even realise was one of the owners of a business that is also a lot bigger than I knew.

After watching the interview with Keith I have also been telling him of the great program that I run off the backend of my presentation, so on-selling more work before I even smash the first gig 🙂

I am just excited and thought I would share this with the group and to say thank to you all, as we are all in this together and I see and hear you guys doing great things which spurs me on, so I thought this will help strive more people on as well.

Have a great weekend all!!!! 

David Lindsay
Keynote Speaker, David Lindsay Intergrated Health and Vitality


I want to get more bookings

 As a keynote speaker I want to learn more, I want to have the edge, I want to get more bookings 

Elly Johnson
Keynote Speaker | Behavioural Expert | Truth & Lies Specialist | Home of Perceptive Interviewing® Masterclass

I've read enough Get Me Those 
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