"You need to be a part of what Terry is offering..... if you are serious about the keynote-speaking industry!" - Matthew Pollard CSP (Top Ten sales speaker - BigSpeak 2020)
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The 10 most crucial steps to building a successful keynote speaking business!
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There are hundreds of elements that create a successful keynote speaking business, this book focuses on the principal factors that are key to achieving your goals!
What this book will teach you
Knowing what to focus on can drastically reduce the time that you will spend making mistakes, wasting time, or diving down the wrong rabbit hole. This book zooms in on the most important elements that are common to a thriving keynote speaking business!
Key factors
  • Why Building Your Digital Platform should be a priority.
  • Be Obsessive With The Research And The Creation Of Your Content & Topics
  • You Can't Control the Results, You Can Only Control the Activity!
  • Future proof your keynote speaking business with Social Selling!
  • Integrity Is Everything!
"I promise you this! If you take this short book seriously, follow the instructions, work at it hard for 2 to 3 years, your success is imminent!"  
Terry Burgan
About The Author
Terry Burgan
Terry Burgan is considered a pioneer in keynote speaker sales and marketing!

He has spent over a decade dedicating himself to discovering practical and efficient methods of assisting keynote speakers at all levels, to win more business, and to better market the services that they offer.

He is currently working with international speakers such as Matthew Pollard and Wayne Pearce OAM, who he personally manages with his wife and business partner Michelle Burgan.

He runs and owns Smackinit The Social Selling Agency which provides services to mainstream businesses looking to achieve digital transformation.

Based in Sydney Australia, Terry looks forward to working with keynote speakers all over the planet to give individuals the best possible chance at succeeding in the keynote speaking industry.
  • I can’t recommend Terry’s program enough, a great resource for asking the right questions related to the business of speaking and getting booked. You need to be a part of what Terry is offering.... if you are serious about the keynote-speaking industry!
    Matthew Pollard CSP, CEO & Professional Speaker, Rapid Growth Marketing LLC
  • As a keynote speaker, I want to learn more, I want to have the edge, I want to get more bookings, working with Terry gives me that edge!
    Elly Johnson, Keynote Speaker | Behavioural Expert | Truth & Lies Specialist | Home of Perceptive Interviewing® Masterclass, Elly Johnson
  • I was frustrated and spent so much money on learning how to speak but it didn’t give me the level of business I was looking for. I started working with Terry’s organization a couple of years ago and I’m now building a solid business in speaking
    Dr. Rosemary McCallum, Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant
  • Terry has allowed me to target my existing connections on LinkedIn and also increase that network to a targeted niche audience who were more likely to buy my services. The difference that his advice has made to my business is just incredible.
    Wayne Pearce, Keynote Speaker, Communications Consultant & Facilitator, Commissioner
  • Terry Burgan will not turn you into a great speaker but he’ll give you a great chance of you turning yourself into a solid speaking business.   
    Julian Mather | Speaker | Author | Educator
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